VICTORIA Brilliant Wax 111 - 500 ml

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Victoria® Brilliant Wax No. 111 is a highgloss sealing which is very easy to polish
achieving a brillant result. Victoria Brilliant Wax based on high quality and plant-
based Carauba wax, provides for a durable protection from aggressive weather
effects as well as frequent cleanings for new and treated painted surfaces of cars
and motorbikes. Best long-term protection (conservation) with maximum mirror finish.
It can even be used on warm painted surfaces without lubricating film. Very easy to
refurbish. Excellent deep gloss effect.
Suitable for polishing machines!

Area of application:
• cars and motorbikes, trucks and caravans etc
• fresh OEM paints, even 2K paints
• fresh repair paints, even 2K paints
• modern, scratch-resistant paint systems

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